tattoo + art studio

URBAN INK is a well-established tattoo studio in Hamilton, New Zealand. It opened its doors in 2012 and since then has been the home of numerous well-known and talented artists, producing high quality tattoos for a widely diverse client base. Our focus as a tattoo studio is on our clients and creating artwork with skill and excellent execution. We are an all inclusive studio, where people from all walks of life - any age, any culture - are welcome and can feel relaxed in a friendly atmosphere. From first-timer to die-hard tatter, we celebrate the art of tattooing in all its variations, styles and traditions.

We are based in an industrial warehouse on 239e Kahikatea Drive, close to the Mad Butcher. We are happy to take walk ins, but we can be booked up so best to get in contact with us either through giving us a call or flicking us a message on Facebook.